LINE Thailand promotes “Self-Care” initiatives: Specialized content on physical and mental via LINE VOOM, LINE OpenChat and LINE TODAY

LINE Thailand introduces the “Self-Care” initiative, prioritizing good physical and psychological health in today’s digital landscape, commencing on World Mental Health Day on October 10th. Strategically aligning with renowned entities, Love Frankie and Art for Cancer, LINE is orchestrating activities and content emphasizing mental wellness and oncological care. This will be disseminated across the well-established platforms of LINE VOOM, LINE OpenChat and LINE TODAY, building on LINE’s ongoing commitment to LINE Digital Well-being concept by simplifying and integrating self-care into daily life.

There has been a significant surge in “Self-Care” adoption in recent years. External pressures, brought about by societal flux and economic dynamics, are steering people towards comprehensive wellness solutions, both physical and mental. While some may perceive “self-care” as an operational overhead, in fact, people can start by taking small but positive steps by themselves. This approach resonates with the digital consumer base, which is predominantly inclined towards self-diagnostics, before seeking professional consultation.

Identifying this market gap, LINE Thailand has struck a synergistic partnership with Love Frankie, a forward-thinking agency specializing in mental health content creation with a positive societal impact. Concurrently, they are collaborating with Art for Cancer, an organization which accentuates a holistic approach to the well-being of the cancer-afflicted demographic, leveraging art and creativity. Both partnerships will deliver high-caliber content, accessible by LINE’s user base via LINE VOOM – LINE OpenChat – LINE TODAY.

LINE VOOM is already well established as an engagement hub, urging LINE users to co-create quality content with Art for Cancer. The content is oriented towards boosting morale amongst cancer patients and distributing actionable intelligence, all under the banner of hashtag #ArtforCancer. This collaborative platform also features “Live talk” short clips segments by Love Frankie, offering insights into sustainable mental wellness practices.

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LINE OpenChat extends its value proposition with ongoing “Live talk” sessions. Featured sessions include insights from “DJ Aoy, Napaporn” and Oil – Airin Trisansri, the visionary behind Art for Cancer, scheduled for October 17th at 12.00 PM.

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Additionally, The platform will also unveil #WTFeeling by #TheNook by Love Frankie, an all-encompassing mental wellness group tailored for the younger demographic.

Mental health expert celebrity “Koen Pataradanai” will be addressing urban mental health paradigms and solutions on the theme of “Alone Together” on Love Frankie’s channel.

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LINE TODAY, as a comprehensive repository, curates a wide spectrum of holistic wellness, insightful content from both Love Frankie and Art for Cancer. The platform also pioneers interactive polls, helping users to self-assess their mental and physical health metrics.

Self-Care is easily achieved by accessing useful, carefully curated and trusted content and information for oneself through LINE VOOM – LINE OpenChat – LINE TODAY.