LINE Thailand Awards 2023, honouringBrands Excelling in Digital Marketing on LINE, a New Paradigm for Technology-driven Growth Leaders

LINE Thailand has hosted the LINE Thailand Awards 2023, an annual event celebrating the achievements of both public and private sector brands and organisations in their use of the LINE platform to grow their businesses and serve the public in 2023. 60 organisations have been honoured, which reflects the increase in the potential of the Thai business sector when using the LINE platform to grow.

The annual LINE Thailand Awards were first held in 2019. The awards have evolved, to keep pace with the changing contexts of business operations, including various solutions, developed by LINE for Business, through which organisations can gain that all important marketing edge. This year, 40 distinguished awards were presented, including 5 for the brands that demonstrated outstanding achievements in digital marketing during the year and 35 awards for excellent utilisation of LINE’s diverse array of solutions, covering all major business sectors in Thailand.

With continuous development of its platforms, LINE offers comprehensive solutions for the business sector and public services to support their marketing objectives, not only to build success but also to enable Thai organisations and businesses to become leaders in the use of the latest technology to grow the digital economy of the country.

The brands and organisations awarded the “Top Brand for Outstanding Achievements in Digital Marketing in the Year 2023” across diverse business sectors include:

  • Toyota Motor Thailand won the Best LINE Solutions Award for their creative and comprehensive use of LINE solutions over the past year, exemplified by their diverse use of solutions on the LINE platform, leading to outstanding business results and the use of LINE to its fullest potential in 2023.
  • Big C Supercenter captured the Best Localisation Solutions Award for their creative use of LINE Official Account (LINE OA) to reach customers, the performance targeting of audiences and the development of exciting services through LINE OA, to meet the needs of Thai consumers in 2023 effectively.
  • Mindshare Thailand won the LINE Ads Agency of The Year Award for their outstanding development of advertising on LINE Ads, based on strategies, advertising plans on the LINE platform and outstanding advertising performance through LINE Ads in 2023.
  • Cartier Thailand received the Creative Excellence Award, a special accolade for the most exciting and unique marketing work of the year through LINE.
  • The Provincial Waterworks Authority earned the Government e-Service Award, a special award for the public sector organisation which developed the best e-services through LINE, meeting Thai consumers’ needs effectively and making Thai people’s lives easier and more convenient.

In addition, there are awards for brands and organisations which have utilized the spectrum of solutions on the LINE platform most effectively. They represent 9 industrial groups in Thailand, including Automotive and Energy, Finance and Banking, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Insurance, Luxury Goods, Public Services, Retail and E-commerce, Technology, Telecommunications and Entertainment. The award-winning brands are:

  • Best Official Account for the brand using LINE OA most effectively to achieve remarkable business growth, with strategies in marketing, communication and the development of services through LINE OA that meet the needs of Thai consumers, evaluated by performance and brand growth through LINE OA in each sector.
  • Best Sponsored Stickers for the most creative brand in the design of LINE stickers for business success, with strategies to create LINE stickers which best represent the brand when reaching Thai customers, positively reflecting the brand’s identity and leading to the most sticker downloads in 2023 in each business sector.
  • Best LINE Ads for the most effective brand advertising through LINE Ads, in terms of strategy, advertising planning and creative work, successfully reaching the target group and efficiently achieving business objectives in each sector.
  • Best Display Ads for the brand creating outstanding advertising work through LINE, with interestingly designed advertisements that reach consumers and generate significant results in each sector.

The presentation of the LINE Thailand Awards 2023 not only serves to honour brands for their outstanding digital marketing concepts on the LINE platform, but also to have these organisations be prime examples of the application of technology to drive business growth in the digital era.

The recognition bestowed by the awards indicates the success and international standard of digital marketing in Thailand.

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