Ascending to the Global Arena: True Axion Interactive Forges a Strategic Partnership with TV Tokyo Corporation. Leveraging the Robust Potential of Thai Game Development Studios, Launching ‘Project REGULUS’, a Groundbreaking  Anime-style Fantasy Game Set to Soon Captivate Gamers Worldwide

True Axion Interactive Co., Ltd., Thailand’s AAA-game developer, is delighted to announce a strategic collaboration with TV Tokyo Corporation, a leading television station renowned for its exceptional anime contents.  The partnership will focus on the creation and development of anime-style games, a genre gaining popularity worldwide. The inaugural project under this collaboration, ‘Project REGULUS,’ a fantasy RPG-style game, is anticipated to complete development and open for an alpha test soon. This partnership not only elevates the Thai gaming industry to an international level but also serves as a testament to Thai intellectual property (IP) responding to the burgeoning content business and the rapid expansion of the global gaming community. This move will also bolster Thai game creators’ abilities to produce games for the global market, thereby enhancing export value. The partnership is expected to catalyze limitless growth within Thailand’s creative economy.

Birathon Kasemsri Na Ayudhaya, Head of Content Strategy & Partnership Department at True Visions Group Company Limited, stated that, “The gaming industry, both domestically in Thailand and on a global scale, is currently witnessing robust and exponential growth. The Thai gaming market in 2022 was estimated to be worth approximately 40 billion baht, marking a significant increase from its value of over 30 billion baht in 2021. True Axion Interactive, a strategic joint venture between True Group and Canada’s Axion Ventures, continues to identify and capitalize on the substantial growth opportunities present in the Thai gaming market. We have unwavering confidence in the capabilities of Thai game developers, who demonstrate potential that meets international standards. Consequently, we are committed to expanding our alliances with leading partners in the global gaming industry. Our latest partnership with TV Tokyo Corporation, a renowned entity in the field of animation content, testifies to this commitment. We have launched a project aimed at the creation and development of a distinctive Thai intellectual property (IP) within the realm of anime-style games. This alliance amalgamates the strengths of True Axion Interactive, a premier AAA game development studio in Thailand, with TV Tokyo’s expertise in creating globally acclaimed anime. By integrating a diverse range of knowledge and skills, including animation, 2D and 3D graphic design, art direction, sound design, and copywriting, we aim to develop captivating narratives within our games. Our expertise also extends to software engineering and coding, ensuring the robust management of the entire foundational game structure. Our objective is to produce games for the international market, enhance export value, and contribute to transforming the gaming industry into a pivotal sector within the Thai creative economy.”

Mr.Meguru Akao Executive Officer, International Strategy Department, TV Tokyo Corp, commented that “Our partnership with True Axion Interactive aims to develop and globalize Thai games, with a primary focus on creating anime-style games compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. TV Tokyo, a renowned industry expert recognized for its anime content including popular series like Naruto, Pokémon, Shaman King, and Beyblade, will provide expert consultation on game development, creative design, and strategic market investment. Additionally, we will share our deep industry knowledge, advanced skills, and comprehensive expertise in anime to contribute to this project. On the other hand, True Axion Interactive, as the production studio, will be responsible for the game creation, development, narrative structure, creative design, character creation, sound effects, soundtrack, and all other visual elements within the game. We anticipate that the first game will be available for an alpha test soon, with an initial launch targeting the Southeast Asian market, followed by subsequent releases in Japan and South Korea.”

Mana Prapakamol, Board Director of True Axion Interactive Co., Ltd., stated that “The inaugural game under the collaborative project between True Axion Interactive and TV Tokyo Corporation aimed at developing and elevating Thai games to a global level is ‘REGULUS.’ This role-playing game (RPG) features an engaging mix of turn-based combat and action set within a fantasy universe. It boasts unique anime-style graphics, currently trending among gamers across Asia, Europe, and America, and unfolds an exciting narrative centered around the enigmatic worlds of demons and spirits. We anticipate that gamers worldwide will soon be able to experience the game on both Android and iOS platforms. The official launch is slated for the first half of 2024. We firmly believe that the launch of Project REGULUS, combining premium production values and TV Tokyo’s expertise in anime content, will position Thailand at the forefront of the global gaming market, thereby setting a new benchmark for the Thai gaming industry.”

Gamers in Thailand can track the latest updates and activities related to Project REGULUS on our official Facebook and YouTube channels at @ProjectREGULUS.