Summit Capital Leasing Co., Ltd. took partas a mainsponsor to arrange “MUAN-JAI Variety All STAR Stage” free concert with R-Siam music and Channel 8th at the activity area near HomePro Store in Muang district, Phrae Province

Recently, Summit Capital Leasing Co., ltd. – the leader in Motorcycle Hire Purchase Business which has been doing business in Thailand for more than 29 years – cooperated with R-Siam music under RS group and Channel 8th to arrange a free concert “Muan-Jai Variety All Star stage” at the activity area beside HomePro Store in Muang district, Phrae province. There are various of musical artists who came to give the entertainment and happiness moment to local people during the concert, for instance Nui Suweena R-Siam, Tonkao R-Siam, Bew Supipat, Lada R-Siam, Rom R-Siam, Pong Lang Sa Orn, and Nun Maithongkam.

Apart from giving happiness to local people in Phrae with free entry, there were also many activities within the concert provided by sponsors. Some of the participants at the event received prizes in cash. Additionally, there will be a variety of activities from the main sponsor booth, like playing games and shopping for discounted items. Moreover, merchants and vendors who came to sell their goods around the concert were also benefited from this event as part of the income distribution to society. And in return and to increase peace of mind throughout the journey for customers, Summit Capital Leasing has presented Free Loss Insurance and Personal Accident Campaign 1-year program with the coverage of 200,000 Baht* with the aim of helping alleviate the burden on customers and their families in case of unexpected events. This campaign is in line with the Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG) policy that Summit Capital Leasing recognizes its responsibility towards the environment, and society according to the principles of good governance This campaign has been well received by motorcycle hire-purchase customers across the country.

With business partnership of over 3,000 motorcycle showrooms around Thailand, Summit Capital Leasing also invited our business partner in Phrae province – Phrae Charoenyont Power Group Co., Ltd. – a big motorcycle distributor – to join in this concert. Phrae Charoenyont Power Group Co.,Ltd has showrooms covered in almost all district in Phrae provinces such as in Muang district, Rong-Kwang district, Song, Long, and Wang-chin districts. Besides, Phrae Charoenyont, as well, provided a special campaign with Summit Capital Leasing which motivated many participants who want to purchase a motorcycle during the concert.

Summit Capital Leasing is making a big sustainable step toward 30th year to be the number 1 non-bank company that get the most trust in Thailand under the concept “I-TRUST” which consists of “Integrity – Transparency – Responsibility – Unity – Service Excellence and Technology” for the benefit of customers, Partnership dealers and shareholders. We aim to support a well-being of Thai people, as well as provide a continuous improvement to become the number 1 HP motorcycle in Thailand with in the future.