Summit Capital Leasing has announced the appointment of “Yosuke Unigame” as Chief Executive Officer and “Hideo Nakajima” as President, driving the “Ride for Better” initiative with confidence in their vision and commitment to sustainable business practices.

Summit Capital Leasing Company Limited, a leading motorcycle hire-purchase service in Thailand, announced the appointment of Mr. Yosuke Unigame as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Mr. Hideo Nakajima as President. Together, they will drive the “Ride for Better” initiative, confident in the vision of conducting business for the benefit of society, and committed to leading the organization and community towards sustainable growth.

Mr. Yosuke Unigame stated, “With over 34 years of experience in both the financial and automotive sectors, I am very confident and honored to be entrusted as the CEO. I firmly believe in our business principles rooted in governance, which consider the benefits of our customers and the broader society through service excellence and outstanding technology and innovation. We’ve aimed to deliver great value to society and play a key role in fostering growth for both our organization and the community.”

Mr. Hideo Nakajima added, “This year marks the 30th anniversary of Summit Capital Leasing’s operations. I am proud to be part of this growth journey, driven by the “Ride for Better” concept. This underscores our commitment to improve services, products, and create a better future for our customers and communities.”

Summit Capital Leasing has marked its 30th year of doing business in Thailand and has determined to be a highly trusted finance company in Thailand under the core value “I TRUST” approach which consisted of Integrity, Transparency, Responsibility, Unity, Service Excellence, and Technology & Innovation for the benefit of customers, partners, dealers, shareholders, organization, employees and society. To promote the sustainable well-being of Thai society, we are ready to be number 1 on Thailand’s motorcycle hire-purchase market in the future.

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