Chaixi Corporation transforms Noodle Legend into “Street Food for All” Settinga Global Franchise StandardforPerpetual Growth

Chaixi Corporation, the premier Thai street food franchise, unveils its strategic vision to become the kitchen of every home, the food for all and the preferred choice for any occasion.” This major revitalisation includes rebranding, raising franchise standards, developing new products and expanding partnerships. Confident in generating increased sales and sustainable growth, Chaixi proudly reports profit growth of 121%, cementing its position as the premiere Thai street food brand.

Panrob Kamla, Chairman of Chaixi Corporation declares that “over 30 years of growth, from a single roadside noodle cart, Chaixi Bameekiao has become the leading street noodle brand, with branches nationwide, and a beloved choice of the people. This success stems from our passion for service, commitment to delivering delicious, high-quality food to our customers and significant business growth. With rapidly changing consumer behaviors, it is time to adapt our business and organisation to meet these changes, allowing a new generation of professional executives to move forward with transformation under the name “Chaixi Corporation,” delivering even better food and services to customers and driving stable and sustainable growth.”

Currently, Chaixi Corporation has 7 street food brands under its umbrella, including Chaixi Bameekiao, Chaixi Plus, Chaiyai Chicken Rice, Punpee Roast Duck Noodles, Ali Mee Halal, Khun Pan Roasting Chicken and OMG Grilled & Fried Meatballs, offered through over 4,500 branches. Additionally, there are ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meals under the Chaixi Gold brand and more than 200 seasoning products available. All are recognised for their freshness and quality. Ingredients are directly supplied from 7 production and distribution hubs serving every region of the country, making unique flavours available at affordable prices to both vendors and consumers, making Chaixi a trusted and beloved brand among Thais.

Anuchit Sapaasa, President of Chaixi Corporation, stated that “Chaixi Corporation is building on a strong business foundation and has tremendous potential for future growth. After overcoming the COVID-19 crisis, we have continued to grow. In 2022, we achieved the highest level of sales in our history, with total revenues of 1.085 billion baht, and that strong growth continued in 2023.

 “In 2022-2023, our company embarked on a transformative journey to enhance our operational efficiency, through increased production efficiency, the application of technology, intelligent cost management and administrative structural adjustments. This transformation enabled a younger generation of professional management to initiate crucial changes. As a result, we achieved sales exceeding 1.1 billion baht and more than doubled our profits. This reflects our now proven ability to reinforce the organisation’s foundations, both financially and operationally, to support continuing growth. We are reaching even greater goals under these three strategies, aimed at fostering sustainable growth for Chaixi Corporation:

  • Developing Franchise Standards involves standardising franchise management and service systems to meet customer needs and foster brand loyalty. Leveraging our nationwide production and distribution centres enables even greater partner access and franchise quality control. 
  • Developing Additional Products meeting Market Demands focuses on prioritising research and development, tailoring products to meet consumer needs, including easily accessible distribution channels, such as street eateries, shopping malls, convenience stores and online platforms. In addition to our seven street food brands, the company now offers ready-to-eat products through leading supermarkets.
  • Developing Partnerships for Business Expansion collaborates with businesses specialising in specific areas to leverage collective knowledge for joint business development. This includes acquiring businesses with high potential, such as the renowned Ayutthaya-based “Crying Tiger Boat Noodles” and the tourist-favorite “Brix Dessert Bar.” These acquisitions maintain the original shareholder ratios, allowing brand owners to continue to benefit from their expertise. Additionally, this creates opportunities for international business expansion, including an ongoing joint venture with the Cabalen Group, a major food business in the Philippines, to globalise our culinary legacy.”

Chaixi Corporation prioritises the rebranding and modernisation of its image to align with the contemporary lifesyle of today’s consumers. Moreover, it opens opportunities for promising young individuals to rise as leaders, propelling the organisation forward through a development program focused on success. Furthermore, employees are afforded benefits on par with other leading organisations. Chaixi Corporation is confident that this significant transformation, driven by these primary strategies, will promote and elevate the company to a leading brand in Thailand’s food industry, enabling perpetual growth,” Anuchit concluded.