LINE Announces the Winners of LINE Thailand Awards 2022, Showcasing Success of Thai Brands and Public Organisations Using LINE

As businesses in Thailand were gradually embarking on digital transformation, the COVID-19 crisis accelerated progress. The changing lifestyles of people during the pandemic forced businesses to go fully digital, in many cases providing the sole channel to consumers. LINE was the choice as a primary platform for brand-building and business growth with its ability to reach over 53 million Thai people combined with the powerful efficiency of the platform.

To acknowledge these achievements and to serve as inspiration for a broader range of business needs, LINE held its annual business awards event – the LINE Thailand Awards 2022. A total of 51 awards were bestowed, including 8 for outstanding marketing achievements of the year and 43 for outstanding use of various LINE solutions across a wide range of business industries. The awards recognise achievements across diverse business groups in the country.

LINE has developed numerous solutions to enable businesses to utilize the LINE platform in a comprehensive and effective way. Many businesses have successfully employed these solutions, leading to a wide range of marketing successes. These achievements are not limited to customer growth or sales increases, but also include impressive and positive experiences for brand customers. This is evident from the brands which won the “Best of the Year 2022” award, by employing solutions on the LINE platform impressively to drive success. These include;

  • Unilever Thai Trading Limited, won the Data Lead Campaign of the Year award, for its strategic approach to data management on the LINE platform. Unilever expertly utilised LINE Official Accounts (OA) and Mission Stickers to gather data on its target audience. They then segregated these groups, using the MyCustomer tool, and extended their reach by Cross Targeting their target audience among their affiliated brands’ LINE OAs, using the Business Manager. This led to efficient communication and targeted advertising through LINE Ads to the specific target groups of every Unilever brands, thereby solidifying Unilever’s position as a leader in the fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector.
  • Volvo Cars (Thailand) received the Chat Commerce of the Year award, for its comprehensive use of all Chat Commerce solutions on the LINE platform. The strategy covers advertising through LINE Ads, to stimulate customers to add friends on their LINE OA, using LINE OA as a responsive channel with which to communicate with customers, and the employment of chatbots to build relationships and collect data simultaneously on the target audience. Volvo also showcases its products, creating opportunities for customers to choose, reserve vehicles and finalise sales via LINE SHOPPING, providing a seamless experience. This new phenomenon in Thailand’s automotive business, driven by comprehensive chat commerce on LINE, underscores Volvo’s innovation in digital customer engagement.
  • CP ALL Public Company Limited has won the Best LINE OA of the Year award for their CP ALL 7-Eleven LINE OA, demonstrating the highest target reach and performance of LINE Official Account (OA) usage throughout the year. This reflects a strategic initiative to transition the convenience store shopping experience to a new-era service via chats on LINE OA, meeting the needs of consumers across Thailand in a precise manner. By continuously engaging consumers in all communications, activities and services offered on LINE OA, CP ALL has significantly migrated the retail commerce landscape in Thailand onto the LINE platform.
  • The Social Security Office clinched the Best Sticker of the Year award for their ‘Aom Suk Lae Aun Jai Huang Yai Khun’ sticker set, boasting the most downloads of the year. The creation of the characters ‘Nong Aom Suk’ and ‘Nong Aun Jai’ in LINE sticker form has mirrored and enhanced the organisation’s image in a highly memorable way. Members can apply these stickers to communicate feelings and express concern for those around them on the appropriate occasions. This represents a public sector unit that has adopted digital means for creative and effective communication adeptly, successfully raising public awareness on a large scale.
  • Lazada Ltd. secured the Best Display Advertising of the Year award, recording the highest click-through rates throughout the year. This achievement stems from an outstanding and effective advertising strategy. The strategy incorporates the segmentation of product categories, tailored to align with the interests of each target group. By advertising through various placements on LINE for maximum reach, coupled with meticulously planned and ongoing advertising schedules, it ensures that timely messages are delivered accurately to the respective target audiences. These efforts have led to impressive marketing results amidst fierce competition in the e-commerce market.
  • Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd. won the ‘Best LINE Ads Campaign of the Year’ award, with its ‘Coke Refresh Every Break’ campaign, establishing itself as the leading brand in the food and beverage industry with the most engaging campaign of the year. The strategy involved intelligently identifying the primary target group for the advertisements before broadening awareness. This, combined with captivating concepts and advertisements, which drew attention and created appeal, extended access to various information post-viewing, which was well-designed for impact. Consequently, this campaign achieved the highest reach statistics and click-through rates via LINE Ads for the year.
  • M-Flow – The Department of Highways has been honoured with the ‘Best Display Advertising of the Year in the Public Sector’ award for its ‘M-Flow’ campaign, a unique accolade that highlights the clear transition towards digital adaptation by the public sector throughout 2022, particularly in the realm of advertising. The M-Flow campaign has creatively crafted both its concept of M-Flow Family and strategic ad implementation on LINE. This has resulted in successful and wide-spread public awareness, securing the highest engagement and click-through rates among all advertisements from public sector.

Simultaneously, from a business group perspective, in 2022 the retail and e-commerce sectors continued to utilise LINE OA for in-depth communication with each brand’s consumer base. This communication involves detailed information on products and services, using chat for closing sales and employing various solutions on the platform to foster outstanding growth. This extends to advertising, creating product and service awareness and launching targeted marketing campaigns and promotions. This sector is rapidly and continuously adjusting to digital transformation on LINE, akin to banking and financial sectors. Meanwhile, the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) sector is beginning to use LINE OA in depth, elevating it to data management on LINE, led by major brands like Unilever Thai Trading Limited. This presents an opportunity for other brands in this business group and other sectors to study and further develop LINE OA for the maximum benefit of data-driven business acceleration.

The business groups which made a strong movement on LINE in 2022 are the automobile sector, luxury goods and public sector. The automobile and luxury goods businesses focused on a Chat Commerce strategy, designing customer pathways to access brands via LINE, from building awareness to closing sales. Even though their products represent a significant investment by the consumer, they have been able to generate sustained and impressive growth through LINE, competing well with other business sectors. Meanwhile, public sector organisations have excelled in advertising on the LINE platform, creating public awareness by leveraging various solutions to their fullest potential, from  LINE Ads, LINE stickers to the increased use of LINE OA. This reflects a profound adjustment to the digital world, which could potentially extend to driving the country’s infrastructure development in the future.

In this digital era, the world and consumer behaviors are constantly changing. Brands must select the most effective tools to reach and captivate their customers. The LINE Thailand Awards not only recognise brands with superior digital marketing, but also stimulate each brand to improve their capabilities in utilising these solutions to respond better to their business needs.

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