Save the Earth with Summit Capital together to return the fresh air to the sustainable world

Join together in creating fresh air with “Summit Capital Leasing”, Thailand’s leading motorcycle leasing business.

We invite you to be a part of preserving the environment and restoring balance to nature by organizing mangrove forest planting activities. The “Summit Capital Save the Earth” project, to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by planting one mangrove forest that can absorb carbon dioxide in the air equivalent to 10 trees.1  

Summit Capital Leasing Co., Ltd. will donate a part of the income from customers to use motorcycle hire purchase services with the Company to support mangrove forest planting activities and restore healthy ecosystems and fresh air in order to be in line with social contribution policies, Protect the environment and good governance which are under the ESG principle of the Company as well as be a part of the sustainable development for supporting the people of Thailand.

Summit Capital Leasing is making a big sustainable step toward 30th year to be the number 1 in Motorcycle Hire-Purchase business that get the most trust in Thailand under the concept “I-TRUST” This mangrove reforestation project is in line with one of the Company’s core values, R = Responsibility, responsible for social and the benefits of customers, partners, dealers, and shareholders to promote the well-being of Thai society and step to be the leader motorcycle leasing market in Thailand with the sustainably in the future.