Finschia Foundation Announces SEGA Singapore as a Governance Member

Finschia Foundation Announces SEGA Singapore as a Governance Member

  • SEGA Singapore, a subsidiary of global gaming giant SEGA, joins Finschia as governance member and network validator to secure the stable operation of the Finschia mainnet
  • Web3 games to be developed based on SEGA IP as the Finschia ecosystem continues to grow and evolve

The Finschia Foundation, the Abu Dhabi-based non-profit organization that is the independent successor to LINE Blockchain’s mainnet and digital asset operations, announced today that SEGA Singapore, a subsidiary of global gaming giant SEGA, has joined as a Finschia Governance Member.

The Finschia Foundation (“the Foundation”) was established in March by LINE’s blockchain business subsidiary LINE Tech Plus to expand its Web3 business and to achieve a sustainable token model for Web3 users around the world. Finschia Governance Members is a decision-making system based on a consortium of companies to provide the stable management of the foundation and develop a transparent token economy. Currently there are 17 members, including LINE NEXT, SoftBank, CertiK and Neopin. SEGA Singapore’s addition as a member further strengthens Finschia governance and improves the stability of the network. Finschia plans to increase its competitiveness through utilizing the capabilities of leading companies from diverse sectors.

As a governance Member, SEGA Singapore will join in the general management and decision-making processes of the Finschia Foundation and verify the stable operation of the blockchain mainnet and security of the network as a network validator.

To expand the Finschia ecosystem and popularize Web3, SEGA and Finschia will cooperate in developing Web3 games utilizing SEGA’s popular game IP.

SEGA Singapore is a subsidiary of SEGA, world’s leading company for developing and publishing games across multiple platforms and genres. SEGA Singapore is responsible for developing the SEGA Group’s Web3 business globally and marketing activities to enter the Southeast Asian market.  

With the official launch of the public blockchain Finschia in December 2023, anyone can develop decentralized applications (dApps) based on the Finschia blockchain. Finschia plans to actively support growth of dApps in a diverse range of sectors by providing a public blockchain platform that global partners and users can use conveniently.