Global NFT Platform Launches Beta Version of DOSI Land

  • DOSI Citizen members can enter raffles and use membership points and level-up passes to win crypto asset FINSCHIA (FNSA)
  • DOSI Land to provide 3,000 FNSA as raffle prizes every week to users who have contributed to the DOSI ecosystem,
  • DOSI ranked as the No. 1 platform in Asia and No. 3 platform globally in terms of the number of monthly NFT traders

LINE NEXT Inc., LINE’s venture dedicated to developing and expanding the NFT ecosystem, today introduced the beta version of DOSI Land, a raffle program for DOSI Citizens participating in the global NFT platform DOSI that offers chances to win the crypto asset FINSCHIA (FNSA).

With DOSI Land, DOSI Citizen members level 2 or higher can enter a weekly drawing to win FNSA. Users participate in the raffle based on their Citizen level, their membership points, called DON, and “Level-Up Passes” which are used to upgrade membership levels.

(Note: Not available in some countries, including Japan and United States).

DOSI will provide 3,000 FNSA per week as prizes, with different chances of winning and different amounts of FNSA prizes available for each DOSI Land. There are three different DOSI Land areas where users can participate according to their membership levels:

  1. Emerald Orbit: DOSI Citizen Level 2
  2. Sapphire Starlight: DOSI Citizen Level 3
  3. Golden Galaxy: DOSI Citizen Level 4

Each land has three Zones offering different amounts of FNSA prizes, depending on membership points and Level-Up Passes. Users can participate in one Zone in each Land every week.

With DOSI Land, LINE NEXT aims to offer FNSA as raffle prizes to users who have actively participated in expanding the DOSI ecosystem. Details about DOSI Land can be found on the DOSI Citizen website (https://

DOSI Citizen is a membership program that offers rewards to users as they contribute to developing the DOSI ecosystem. DOSI provides a range of reward programs for users, including DOSI Adventure, where users can enter raffles to receive NFTs, and DOSI Arcade, which awards DOSI Citizen NFTs through mini games. In the future, DOSI plans on adding additional benefits that members can enjoy.

Since the DOSI beta launch in September 2022, DOSI has recorded more than 4.6 million DOSI Citizen members, with 410,000 transactions made and 190,000 traders on the platform. Furthermore, DOSI has been ranked as the No. 1 platform in Asia and No. 3 platform globally in terms of the number of monthly NFT traders.*

*All numbers are current as of May 9. Rankings are based on statistics from NFTGo and internal analyses.