Summit Capital Leasing Co., Ltd. donated blood to the Thai Red Cross Society to help patients in hospitals across the country #4

Recently, Summit Capital Leasing Company Limited’s management team and employees joined with the employees of various companies in the U Chu Liang Building in a total of 175 people, had donated blood in a total of 70,000 cc. to the Thai Red Cross Society to help patients in various hospitals across the country. This blood donation event would be able to treat up to 525 patients who need quality blood and blood components to recover from their sickness and fulfilled a large demand for blood donation nowadays.

This social responsibility activity by donating blood is the 4th time that the company has organized and is one of the projects that the company realizes the importance of helping patients who need a lot of blood each day. From 4 times activities, there are more than 670 blood donators, totaling more than 268,000 cc. of blood that can help up to 2,000 patients in need of blood for treatment.

The project supports the provision of quality blood for the Thai Red Cross Society. It is an activity that is consistent with the ESG policy that the company has given importance to the environment, society, and being a good governance company.

Summit Capital Leasing Co., Ltd. is entering to the 30th anniversary of doing business in Thailand next year. It is determined to be a highly trusted finance company in Thailand under the “I TRUST” approach that consists of Integrity, Transparency, Responsibility, Unity, Service Excellence, and Technology and Innovation for the benefit of customers, partners, dealers, shareholders, organization, and society. To promote the sustainable well-being of Thai society and ready to be no.1 in Thailand’s motorcycle hire-purchase market in the future. Find out more at